Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I heart faces: Angles

This photo was taken on my old Nikon p&s and I'm sure it could benefit from some sweet Photoshop magic (sigh...still on my wish list), or any editing magic for that matter, so maybe it would be better suited for a fix it Friday but, here it is anyways. This is my little angel at an angle...
(This is my first time entering so I hope I did it right)
Head over to I Heart Faces to check out some super impressive photogs getting their super impressive angles on.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The blessing dress

We blessed our new little daughter in church a few weeks ago. Here are a handful of shots of her beautiful blessing gown and her beautiful self in the gown.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Harder than it looks...

So I went out this weekend to do my first family session. Of course it was with my own family. The first of many I am sure. I learned a lot. Like how much I really don't know about taking pictures. It was pretty tricky for me to think about making a good exposure plus a compelling composition plus direct my kids and hubby plus about a million other things all at the same time. Wow. It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. But SO SO fun at the same time. I was in heaven.

I took close to 350 pictures and got maybe one or two that I would even consider hanging in my house. I don't know how anyone could learn photography with film. Can you imagine- 12 rolls of film and 100bucks later. Jeeze! Thank you digital photography!

Keep in mind, I don't have any editing software at all. I can't wait till I do. Maybe one day. Luckily for me though, my family is gorgeous and they don't need much editing. My photography could use some for sure, but my kids and hubby... well they are pretty much perfect. I'm not bias at all am I?

We live in a really old farming town that is full of old stuff and really awesome locations. I live along what the locals call Fruit Highway. That means fruit stands line the roads and the highways. And seeing how there is no fruit in season for this region, that means I have access to tons of vacant and very colorful backdrops (just don't tell the fruit farmers...tee hee!)

So with no further adieu, here is your picture overload of the stuff that turned out OK...

this one might be a little overexposed
i would like to crop in on this one a biti would have liked to be in front of the smile on these next two
these next two are my JeanSmith copycatsand this onehere is another one slightly overexposedhang in there...we still have 1 more location to go...

i'd crop this one if i could
you put your right foot in and you shake it all about...insert some sort of story board here...


"Hi momma!""Only one more mom" (...little did they know we were only just beginning)
"the wheels on the bus go round and round"
doing what little boys do best...throwing rocks at stuffthe end...finallySo pat yourself on the back if you made it threw all that. I know it was a lot of pictures. But... it is a photoblog...so...that's what you get. Thanks for looking!