Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I heart faces: Angles

This photo was taken on my old Nikon p&s and I'm sure it could benefit from some sweet Photoshop magic (sigh...still on my wish list), or any editing magic for that matter, so maybe it would be better suited for a fix it Friday but, here it is anyways. This is my little angel at an angle...
(This is my first time entering so I hope I did it right)
Head over to I Heart Faces to check out some super impressive photogs getting their super impressive angles on.


Donna said...

What a great angle. I love the darkness and the light! So pretty!

Grand Pooba said...

Love the shadows and contrast! Love your angel at an angle!

Emeric Photography said...

i like the way the sun is coming in from the side...lovely!
congrats on your 1st entry! hope there's more to come.

SomethingaboutSofia said...

Your use of different angles is amazing! These photographs are beautiful
Happy New Year
Sofia x